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Elephants Without Borders

This story is both exciting and sad but must be told to bring awareness. I had an incredible opportunity to hop onboard the airplane […]

Summit of Greatness Recap

As I checked in for my flight, I couldn’t help but feel nervous and excited at the same time. I’ve never been to Columbus […]

Benefits Of Being Grateful

How do you spend your mornings? Do you wake up and reach for your phone and start answering work emails? Do you troll social […]

What is Bulletproof Coffee®?

I’m not a morning person. I’ll be the first one to admit this. The sound of an alarm clock is as excruciating as a […]

About Dimitry Berg

A Life-trepenuer™, an award winning creative guru, and a high performance purpose coach, Dimitry has developed one of the most unique programs and podcasts […]