You have been chosen for this case study because you exhibit qualities that are key to a successful lifestyle. To transition from one profession to another OR to leave your job and start a new business demonstrates courage and ambition beyond complacency.


The next 15 questions will help us pinpoint the exact moment that people decide to make a change and take that first step! Ultimately, we want to find out the WHAT, WHY and HOW to your transition. Your answers will be kept confidential. Please click BEGIN below.


Prior to your transition, can you tell us how you paid your bills? Explain your job. What were your responsibilities? What hours did you work?


Did you like your job? Please explain what you liked or didn’t like about your job.


Did you make too little, just enough or more than enough money? Describe your pay rate. Was it hourly or salaried? Did you make commission or tips?


Did your job offer benefits? If so, what kind of benefits. Are benefits an important factor when you decided to make your transition?


What made you want to go out and start your own business or change careers?


What was your first step to making this change? Was it difficult? Did anyone help you with taking the first step?


Tell us about the challenges that you had to overcome before you left your job? While you were leaving? Some time after you left?


What were the PROS and CONS to making this change?




This next set of questions pertain to the time period directly after your transition. It is important to understand your state of being (mental, physical, spiritual and emotional) during this time. Please make sure to answer each field!


How did this new change immediately affect you in the first month? Please elaborate for each item below.


After 6 months?


After the First Year?


Looking back at your first year, what change (about you) stands out the most? Habits? Schedule? Relationships?


Did you jump into your new business or transition to your new job right away or did you take time off? Please explain your reason for this decision.


Most people get complacent with their position in life or career. Most do not like change. What ultimately made you take the first step to change?


Any additional advice you might have for someone contemplating making a change to start their own business or a new career?


What People Think I Do vs What I Really Do